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We are on, Airbnb and other platforms. Check us. Because of high fees charged by some portals we recommend that you:


Call us, write us, use Facebook or use Book Directly below and pay cash. If you have your own tent it’s impossible to use or Airbnb.

Please go to Book Directly or contact us to book your stay. If you reserve tents by Book Directly we will respond within maximum 12 hours.

Go to page if you want to pay in advance for example pay via credit card or bank transfer.

Go to Airbnb to check our ratings and testimonials, explore additional offers and get more information. and Airbnb may have additional fees (taxes, commissions) as well as discounts (duration of stay, frequent user plans etc.) that are beyond our control.

In order to guarantee that you pay exactly what is listed in our Prices section (plus negotiate possible discount) please contact us/use Book Directly.