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+355 699330679 (Xhulja)
+355 694130134


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EU numbers & Whatsapp:
+48 506452252 (Filip)

Albanian numbers:
+355 693635124 (Filip)

Për gjuhën shqipe:
Xhulja, Sihat




Important: Please note that while during the high season (July, August) we tend to be in Albania and so will not usually answer our European mobiles (emergency only) due to high roaming costs but you can always reach us via Whatsapp or on our Albanian phones. Outside the high season our Albanian phones are probably switched off.

We speak: English, Polish, limited German, limited French

Tip: If you plan to spend slightly more than just few days in Albania it is highly recommended to get a local prepaid sim card with at least some Internet on it.

Travel hints:

EU citizens do not need passports to enter Albania just ID.
You can stay up to 3 months without visa.
If you leave Albania for 24 hours you can enter again for another 90 days.

How to get to us:

By ferry via Greece:

  • Via Corfu Island:

You can get to us easily and relatively cheaply.
Take a cheap flight (e.g. Ryanair, Wizzair etc.) from your city to Greek Corfu.

You can board the Corfu city bus (Blue Line) and in about 20 minutes for the price of a bus ticket (2,5 EURO) you arrive at Corfu sea port.
From there you can get to Albania, Saranda by ferry (price around 20 euro, time between 40 minutes and 1,5 hour depending on ferry type)
The journey is nice and pleasant with spectacular views (you can check timetable and book the ticket online, there are a few different operators). It is recommended you buy the ferry ticket online before you arrive at Corfu, but you can also buy it in front of the entrance to the harbor.


From Saranda you take a minibus to Borsh (250 ALL – about 2 EURO*) or rent a car (around 25-35 EURO/day). The minibuses usually start at Rruga Flamurit (Trans Dea – Bus Station) and sometimes at unofficial place close to Saranda Town Market which is nearby – you have to ask at Bus Station or any bus driver/bystanders and they will direct you. Expect the journey to take about one hour and get ready for stunning views.


  • Via Igoumenitsa:

Should there be no direct ferry to Saranda or you want some additional adventures or sightseeing or whatever your motivations may be you can go through Igoumenitsa on Greek mainland (ferry is about 15 EURO)
then you take a bus (terminal is 300m right from the port) to Konispol (Qafe Bote) for a few EURO
The road is less than 1 hour and very pleasant.
You can cross the border there but afterwards you have to improvise as there is no regural service. Sometimes there are minibuses.
Usually there is one or two Albanian taxis waiting, if you can share one with 2 or 3 other people it will cost relatively little per person (ex 20 EURO).
You need to negotiate with much assertiveness. (Konispol is literally in the middle of nowhere – please keep in mind the cab driver gambled and has to go back anyway – on the other hand never be disrespectful – or you walk)
Taxi drive will take you another hour or so to get to Saranda, generally quite nice views on the way.


By plane via Tirana:

If for whatever reason you have to fly via Tirana.

Take a taxi or bus to the city from the airport.
You need to get to the Regional Bus Terminal (41.343576, 19.777045 Google Maps).

You can call Terminal information for current bus schedule +355 692470296.
From there you take a bus (usually starts early in the morning) to Saranda (1500 ALL – about 12+ EURO*)

  • via Gjirokaster – more comfortable and faster – but then you take a minibus to Borsh.
  • via Himara – you can jump off on the way directly in Borsh, breathtaking views, but longer and slightly more exhausting.

The trip takes anything between -5 to 6+ hours depending on time of the day, traffic intensity and so on.


Once in Borsh you can call us. (actually better do it in advance).
If we happen to be nearby or on the way from somewhere we might give you a lift.


*If you can prove to the locals beyond any reasonable doubt that you are a dumb foreign turist all fees given in ALL are likely to increase/ fees during high season might go slightly up.

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