At the southernmost end of Borsh there is a small building. We call it Jungle House. To the east there is a mountainslope directly above it. To The west there is just a beach and the Ionian Sea.

Between the slope and the beach around the House there is our camping. We named it Jungle Camping. We have recently started to operate it. And we are making sure that you are going to enjoy it.

Our idea is that you come to southern Albania like most people, by plane through Corfu or by car from wherever, possibly a rented one. So you don’t have a tent, sleeping bag, blanket, sheets, pillow or comfy mattress on you.

But you would like to spend some time literally twenty meters from the sea, falling asleep listening to waves. So guess what, we got it all for you.

Nearby there are hiking opportunities, some beach equipment, not too far away shops, restaurants, Borsh center is slightly further away with bars, pizzerias, small supermarket.