Large tent

  • 2 large double bed mattress
  • 4 pillows
  • bedlinen


  • High Peak Kira 5 10218 (manufactured for max 5 persons, we recommend for 4)
  • nice and big front awning for easy storage and element protection
  • dimensions: 280 x 210 x 160 (awning – 140)
  • rain protection 3000 mm (in high season it rarely rains – in fact a brief rain is really a blessing)
  • floor water protection: 100% poliethylene (PE)
  • large side ventilation
  • mosquito net door


  • Your own electricity socket nearby
  • wifi covering large part of the camping, some signal on part of the beach
  • car and bike parking on Jungle premises


  • shared with other guests
  • soap, toilet paper
  • shower, washbasin with mirror
  • locked from inside

Cooking and dishwashing:

  • gas cookers
  • electric cookers on request (you can plug them near your tent)
  • sink and cleaning products
  • basic plates, utensils, pots and pans on request
  • access to outside freezer

Grill area:

  • barbecue
  • zgara – very handy double sided Balkan barbecue utensil
  • charcoal (symbolic additional charge)
  • tables and seats available inside Jungle premises, you can relax, eat and drink outside
  • designated common areas
  • some wooden tables and some cut stumps


  • umbrellas, sunbeds (additional charge may apply)


1st October to 31st May
(outside season)
June & September
(low season)
July & August
(high season)
Large tent
(4 persons)*

20 EUR

24 EUR

28 EUR
*less people per tent or longer stays (3+ days) -> please ask for discounts, especially outside high season