40°01’29.1″N 19°52’30.3″E

Traveler’s Tip

  • Catch a cheap flight to Corfu. Ryanair and Wizzair as well as other airlines fly to Corfu from most European locations on regular basis from spring
  • Take a city bus to Corfu port (2euro, 20 minutes)
  • Board a ferry to Saranda (Ionia ways and other – best to book in advance, 20 euro)
  • From Saranda there are coaches to Borsh or hitchhike ;). Another good option is to rent a car in Saranda (for best deal write us, we will hook you up with our friend Romeo).
  • When you arrive in Borsh follow the seashore (If on foot you are in for quite a walk. This is a good moment to call us, perhaps if you are lucky you might get a lift ;).